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Jack and Jill seat set €485   Â£410


One table: (L)163cm x (D)50cm x (H)50cm
One single chair: (D)56cm x (W)72cm x (H) 96cm
Two "Love Seats": (D)56cm x (W)161cm x (H) 96cm


With Cooler Package (€530) (£455)


One Table: (L)163cm x (D)50cm x (H)50cm

One Single chair: (D)56cm x (W)72cm x (H) 96cm

One "Love seat": (D)56cm x (W)161cm x (H) 96cm

One "Love seat" with cooler: (D)56cm x (W)161cm x (H) 96cm


Contact us for delivery options, efficient turnaround times and, custom colour options.

Contact us for colour options. 


Everything we make is handmade at our Garden Timber Furniture depots, so every piece is unique.


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Jack and Jill Seat Set Package Without Cooler

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