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If you are looking for a bike storage unit for your home, school, or workplace, we can build to your specific measurements and budget.


With efficient nationwide delivery and installation services available, we can transport your bike storage unit straight to your door.


We have three modular designs to choose from.

Below is a guideline list of bike storage sizes for different quantities of bikes.

Keep in mind; this is a guideline only as many bikes vary in shape and size.


200cm x 80cm - £390 (roughly 2 bikes)

200cm x 122cm -  £480 (roughly 3 bikes)

200cm x 152cm - £540 (roughly 4 bikes)


Alternatively, you can let us know the space you have available, and we can build to your measurements.


Add a Coat of Varnish


-Light Oak

-Burma Teak


Bike Storage

PriceFrom £400.00
Add a Coat of Paint
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