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Styles For Every Garden

We offer a wide range of outdoor furniture, with an option to adjust and personalise to adapt to

your own tastes and requirements. 

Get in contact with us to learn more about our services, products and delivery information. 


Customise & Adjust 

Adjustments to the size of the furniture can be

made in order to meet the space requirements of your garden.   

All the furniture has the option of adding a varnish layer for all weather condition protection, or a coat of colour to alter to your own garden style.


Work from scratch: Entirely made-to-order furniture

We offer our customer the option of a one-on-one meeting to arrange  and design from scratch, in order to meet your needs and exceed expectations. We can produce something completely new and customised based on your garden space, requirements and tastes. 

Brands & Designers

Previous Work


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